About Us

My name is Richard Hale, and I am the creative director and founder of Battleboards Ltd. I have been a committed wargaming enthusiast for many years, beginning a long time ago now with Games Workshop’s release of the original Warhammer game.  For a long time I found that many gamers, including myself, relied upon home-made terrain pieces and any officially endorsed sets never had the full scope or detail that I was looking for. I have always kept a close watch on new or changing trends and have come a long way since those early days of spending hours applying plaster to polystyrene.

I originally founded Battleboards after a friend asked me to create some terrain for her son and I suddenly found myself receiving other requests for terrain. The first years involved a lot of trial and error as I wanted a material that was not only strong and lightweight, but that also could be sculpted to an extremely high detail. Once I eventually found the material that ticked all of the boxes I was looking for, Battleboards really came into being and I have been able to create some of the most exciting boards that I would never have thought possible. I really wanted to create unique pieces that were beautifully designed and crafted, the sort of pieces that make game play and display boards as realistic as possible. Since then Battleboards has grown and I have developed new ranges of terrain and accessories to the highest quality using all manner of materials and techniques.

I have worked with a close network of subcontracted specialist manufacturing companies, including metalworkers, carpenters, electronic specialists, which initially came about when I was designing and developing visitor attractions and museums. This network enables me to utilise their skills which are then migrated into the boards’ design and manufacture, making each piece a unique work of art.

Battleboards can be historical, fantasy or developed from an idea that has come from the depths of imagination. I have always believed that Battleboards has no real limits to what we can create, so if you have the spark of an idea that you want brought to life, get in contact and I’ll talk it through with you.