Explore Battlemats in 3D

Explore Battlemats in 3D

Using 3D technology you can now view and explore our mat designs in 3D. Try flying over or walking around the Battlemat to help visualise how your game will look. We have added 28mm scale miniatures to help you gauge the size/scale of the mat. Miniatures are not included with the mat and are for scale purposes only.

Use your mouse to navigate around the 3D Battlemat and get a close-up view.

Zoom-In & Out – Use the middle mouse button.
Pan Left to Right – Use Right mouse button
Rotate around mat – Hold Left mouse button down, whilst moving the mouse.

Please Note: The 3D mats are at a lower screen resolution than the actual print quality.

What is a Battlemats?

Battlemats have been designed to replicate the detailed playing surface of fully sculpted custom boards. Each Battlemat has been designed using high-resolution photographic images of physical wargaming terrain. This gives the terrain an amazingly realistic look and remains perfectly flat so it can be rolled up and safely stored in a carrying tube.

Below is an example of an urban desert terrain mat.



How do we design a Battlemat?

We have been professional designers for over 25 years and are proficient at digital design and illustration, using the latest digital software, we can collate photographic images together of detailed physical terrain to create the final mat image. 

Custom designs

We provide a custom design service and can create a design that is tailor-made. This often means that either we produce small miniature features to add to your design or produce 3D virtual images to incorporate into your layout. Creating 3D virtual elements to add to your mat is a great way to introduce many new features.

If you would like to discuss a custom design, then please contact us 

How do we make printed mats?

We print the mats to order, as this ensures that we can provide you with more flexibility and choice over the design and materials on which the terrain mats are printed on. We know that choice is the most significant factor when deciding which terrain you would like, and we can provide a variety of design options.

We use specialist large-formatted printers and partners who are dedicated to producing the best quality mats possible. We guarantee each mat for 2 years and each mat is printed using UV stable inks which are designed for exterior use and will stand up to general gaming for many years. They are fade and scratch-resistant and made using eco-solvent inks.

High-Quality PVC – Printed Mats

Mats are printed onto various materials, which give you the option of choosing which material is best suited.

Battlemats are printed on Heavy duty & Lightweight PVC.

Heavy duty PVC material (0.5mm)

Battlemats or Backdrops can be printed using a heavy duty material. It has a matt finish with virtually no material grain. This is a durable material which is designed for exterior use. It provides excellent clarity for the printed image. It is fade and scratch resistant, and can be drawn on with water-soluble dry marker pens, and then easily removed. The material has an almost softer, padded feel, protecting miniatures from damage.

Close up the image of the Heavy Duty PVC (0.5mm) Battlemat


Premium rubber neoprene/mouse mat – Printed Mats 

Premium quality mats are available on rubber backed 1.5 to 2mm heavy duty neoprene or mouse mat material, which is perfect as a gaming surface.  We have been extremely impressed with the properties of the mats which are printed to exceptionally high standards.

Wargaming Mats are approximately 36″ x 36″ or 48″ x 48″. It is made out of polyester with anti-slip rubber backing.

  • Squared corners
  • Thickness: 1/16 an inch
  • Smooth cloth top with rubber bottom for traction
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Machine Washable

Battlemats Now Available Worldwide!

 We are excited to introduce our overseas partners who will print your Battlemats and deliver them directly to you.