Display Boards




What is a display board?




Not all of our products are used solely for wargaming. Battleboards provides a custom display board service for players or collectors who want to display finely-painted miniatures on small terrain or dioramas. These can be custom made to any size to suit your shelving or display cases. We can also make additional boxes or crates to house the display boards and make transporting miniatures to exhibitions or trade shows easier and safer, ensuring your miniature arrive safely ready for exhibiting.



The display boards are made using the same materials and processes as our custom Battleboards range, so quality and sturdiness are guaranteed. Display boards are perfect for private, as well as public display such as museums exhibits, and can be custom made to suit any scale and terrain type. We are happy to add third party products to the display boards so if you see a product already on the market that you would like incorporated we would be happy to purchase these and include them as part of your design.

If you are a gaming miniature designer and manufacture, the display boards are perfect for showing miniatures at their best and are ideal for gaming conference and shows. We can custom make a display to suit your own game or character creations. We have been delighted to work with many top gaming manufactures to help promote their own products, like Antimaters Games (DeepWars) and Tor Gaming (Relics campaigns).

Custom display boards start at £200 for a typical terrain type such as grass and desert and can include details like waterfalls and rocky outcrops. All display boards are tailored to the colour or season of your choice and can be square, round or hexagonal. Custom shapes and sizes are available, so if you need something specific, get in contact so that we can discuss the best way to make your display piece.

Cost guide for custom display boards

Round display boards 

6” or 152mm diameter – £200

8” or 200mm diameter- £250

12” or 310mm diameter- £300

18” or 457mm diameter- £450

24” or 610mm diameter – £600

Square display boards 

6” or 152mm Square  – £250

8” or 200mm Square- £300

12” or 310mm Square- £350

18” or 457mm Square- £500

24” or 610mm Square – £600

We also try and keep a range of display boards available for instant purchase in case you need them in a hurry. If time is not too much of an issue then we can work on a bespoke design with you and create something truly unique.

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