Welcome to battleboards HQ and an introduction to our wargaming terrain.


Introduction videos 

The below movies provide an insight into the world of Battleboards. In the first movie we take a look at some of the custom terrain projects we have built over the past few years. The second movie will talk you through the design aspect and shows you how we take your ideas and process them through design before turning them into stunning wargaming terrain.



What are Battleboards?

Battleboards are a custom product we have created specifically for use in wargaming terrain. It’s the only product of its kind that has be specifically made for this use. The Battleboards are injection moulded into a resin mould and cast from a very tough industrial polyurethane foam. This foam is also widely used for cars parts and other industrial products throughout the world.

We developed and sculpted a master mould which incorporated a highly detailed cracked surface and started producing the Battleboards. We wanted to make professional quality custom terrain from an alternative material than the standard high density polystyrene which is normally used in terrain manufacture.

The polyurethane is very tough, and is heat and chemical resistant. This allows us to use any glue or solvent based paints without having any adverse effect on the boards. Although the boards have a very tough outer coating the inner core is slightly softer, which allows us to cut and shape the terrain. The boards are exactly 2ft x 2ft (61cm x 61cm) in size, and so fit perfectly with most gaming systems. The boards are approximately 42mm deep, allowing as much as 20mm of depth to be sculpted into the boards, which allows a realistic depth for rivers, craters or recessed roads. The boards are of industrial quality and can be carved with a CNC router to provide terrain detail with fantastic accuracy. They can also be engraved with complex designs, or digitally routed to include recesses.