Battlebits… When terrain just isn’t enough.

Here you will find extra products and services that can be added to your terrain boards.

The Battlebits provide additional structures, lighting, accessories and weathering products that can enhance your terrain even further. We can custom create pretty much anything, from larger scale urban environments, to smaller pieces of detailing like trees and bushes which can really make the boards come to life. We take great care with all our accessories to make them match your chosen terrain types and can make historically accurate buildings for you to populate your ideal gaming table.

For more information on the different accessories available please clink on the links below for more options.


Custom Trees & Foliage – Battleboards provides miniature model trees and foliage service. Trees are made to suit any season and most types of trees are available. Each tree is hand crafted to an extremely high standard. Trees are made for many scales and every tree is hand made so no two trees are ever the same. You can purchase more than one species of tree and they will all be completely different like a real forest or wood.

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Weathering Materials – We teamed up with ‘Modelmates’ who provide amazing paint and spray finishing materials which we use regularly on our own creations. These are now available from our own shop so you can try them on your own dioramas and displays. We also supply different flocks in large quantities for terrain making so you can add or make your own accessories which can match your Battleboards perfectly.

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Custom Structures – We can create custom made miniature structures to suit all of your gaming needs. Whether it’s a large 4ft tower, small miniature buildings or a city scape, we can provide design and services to help build what you require. We often purchase third party parts and models which can be blended together to make new creations. There really is no limit to what we can create so if you do not see what you are looking for then please get in contact.

Custom structures start at £200 please contact us for further information.

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Lighting & Special Effects –  Adding lighting effects such as fibre optics or mood lighting can greatly enhance even a simple model. We can add flickering light effects, broken bulb effects and street lamps to a city scape to create a real wow factor. Other more creative special effects can be added using off the shelve technology such as LED screens or mechanical electronics.

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