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We are really pleased you have come to have a look at our website and hope you enjoy browsing our product range. We specialise in producing the very best in wargaming terrain and scenery, those totally unique terrains that people only dream of. Our work is completely different to anything else available, making Battleboards a world leader in the wargaming industry.

Our terrain is made from highly durable polyurethane foam, which is sculpted and developed specifically for wargaming, and cannot be obtained anywhere else. This means it is heavy duty, very tough and able to be transformed into a variety of different terrain types. The terrain can be created for any miniature scale and game set. Whatever it is you have always dreamt of gaming on, no matter how unusual or detailed, talk to us and we’ll create your ideal layout.

You can see a variety of more projects we have produced for other games and players in our gallery

We take a huge amount of time and pride in our work to produce terrain exactly to your requirements, whatever it is you are looking for. If you have any questions, please contact us.

For more information on the variety of different Battleboards terrain options, please click on the links below.


Custom Terrain Battleboards – Our most popular range of Battleboards which comprise of hand sculpted and modelled terrain. We can make your custom terrain scape to suit any game or miniatures range. We work closely with you to design just what you really need. Your terrain can be made from many types of materials and do not even need to be based on a standard gaming board configuration.

Prices start £2500+ for a single 2ft x 2ft

Battleboards-display-icon-lgDisplay Battleboards – Wargaming is not the only reason or desire to possess miniature terrain. Often players or collectors want to display miniatures and armies at their best. We have a variety of display options available from simple boards to more complicated finished display boards ready for you to place miniatures on or photograph them. We can custom make a display board to any size, so it fits within your existing cabinet, shelves, display tables, etc.

Prices start £1200