Welcome to Battleboards Wargaming Terrain

We specialise in producing high-quality custom-made wargaming terrain & scenery

Custom Battleboards

Our most popular range of Battleboards which comprise of hand sculpted and modelled terrain.

Battleprints - Mats & Back Drops

The completely new range of printed wargaming mats of standard gaming sizes designed using  Battleboard terrain. Printed wargaming backdrops are also available.

Battlebits - Build Your Own

NEW laser-cut MDF  structures and kits with flexible build options for multiple set-ups. 

Price  £2500+ per 2ft x 2ft

Printed Mats from £35

MDF Kits from £30.

Battleboards Battlemats & Backdrops Now Available Worldwide

 Printed by the printers and shipping directly to your door.