40K Ork Crash Site – Project update

Posted by on Jan 7, 2016 in Alternate Realities, Desert Terrain, Latest News / Blog |

We are well on the way into our next terrain project. This complected desert terrain requires a large section of an ork crash site.

The client wanted maximum use of the boards and we need to make the terrain completely flexible so each board matches up to all the other boards. No simple task when considering the main centre boards have a crash space craft  across two boards. The solution was to make the crash ship split down the middle of the boards. This would allow the two boards to be split and used separately, but still allow the boards to work independently.

We also made a tall watch tower for an overwatch position. To make the boards easier to store we made the tower removable and magnetically connecting to the small junk pile hill so it can be removed and used as an independent terrain piece.

Here a few images of the progress so far…