Warhammer 40K Ork Crash Site

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When asked to produce a detailed gaming board for the Warhammer 40K universe we knew we wanted to produce something quite extraordinary. It took many months of crazy designs and construction to produce this board but we think the results are amazing The final Battleboards made gaming table 6ft x 4ft in size and each board was designed and made to be flexible and able to join with ever other boards. This maximised the flexibility of the gaming table allowing many different layouts to be achieved by switching the board locations.

The Squig Pit 

The board included some incredible detailing such as the Squig Pit and Ork teleport. The Squig Pit Bar is where Orks would meet up and haggle over their prize lastest Squig’s which hang in baskets adorning the popular bar. The Squig Pit included a working winch where the Squigs can be raised from the caverns below and transported off-planet via the teleport.

Ork Teleporter

You never know if enough of the Orks believed that the teleport could work, it may just work, or it could just blow up. The overall layout included an oil refinery complex leftover from the Imperium, with a bit of ork ingenuity the refinery was brought back to life, making this an important strategic base for the ork to further their campaigns.