About Us



My name is Richard Hale, and I am the creative director and founder of Battleboards Ltd. I have been a committed wargaming enthusiast for many years, beginning with Games Workshop’s release of the original Warhammer game in that little white covered A5 box. I found that many gamers, including myself, relied upon home-made terrain pieces and always felt the full scope or detail that gamers were looking for was out of reach for many enthusiasts.

I originally founded Battleboards after a friend asked me to create terrain for her son and I soon received other requests for custom terrain from the most unexpected places. Unhappy with polystyrene as a baseboard for these earlier projects I decided to focus my efforts on finding or producing a new product that could form the base for any terrain project I needed to make. The first years involved a lot of trial and error as I wanted a material that was not only strong and lightweight, but that also could be sculpted to an extremely high level of detail. I eventually found the material that met the high criteria I was seeking and subsequently produced the first purpose-made polyurethane terrain Battleboard. This has enabled me to create some of the most exciting boards that I would never think possible using a more traditional baseboard. I now create unique pieces of miniature terrain that are beautifully designed and crafted making them totally immersive and realistic as possible. Since then Battleboards has grown and I have developed new ranges of terrain accessories to an extremely high level of detail and quality using industrial materials and techniques often only seen in mainstream movie productions. 

I work closely with a network of specialist manufacturing companies, including metalworkers, carpenters, electronic and printing specialist, who I used thought-out my professional career designing and developing visitor attractions and museums. This network of specialist enables me to utilise many different manufacturing techniques and materials which I can fuse together and integrate into the terrain boards designs and manufacture.
Custom Battleboards can be themed to historical, fantasy or developed from an idea that has come from the depths of your imagination. I have always believed that Battleboards has no real limits, so if you have the spark of an idea that you want to bring to life, get in contact.