Feedback is crucial, as most of our boards are custom made so it’s really nice to know we’ve got it right and fulfilled the brief.  We do are very best to provide an exceptional customer service and are very pleased to add just a few of the comments we have received from some of our customers.

Jack – WW2 Bolt Actions Italy boards 4ft x 4ft 28mm terrain

Battleboards does amazing work! This board is just amazing, and the level of updates and videos and photos and input that I got every step of the way make you feel like a real part of the process. For your dream battle board, you cannot get any better than having Rich build it for you, and I can guarantee that it will come out way better than anything you can originally imagine you will get! It is worth every penny spent and I am absolutely ecstatic with everything that Rich has done. I cannot recommend his services enough for anyone looking for their dream board.

WW2 Italy – Bolt Action 4ft x 4ft terrain layout

Emanuele RIP – Urban Chaos Battleboards 4ft x 8ft 28mm scale Warhammer 40K

Dear Major its unbelievable what I have gone through opening your 9 Packages. So many times it was Awesome and many more it was disgusting. I lova all the blood and gore and now I truly have a room that my 2 1/2 Year old niche cannot enter. I am so much pleased If I could I would shout it out to the world what a masterpiece you have worked out.

P.s. we will be playing tonight our first Game and I am pretty sure there will be a lot of pictures with really cool miniatures on it.

Thank you for sharing the dream with me and for the perfect implementation


We are having a blast. This is so awesome I actually cannot put it in words. The modularity of the board is fantastic and we all love to play on it and how it resembles someone so special.

Urban Chaos 28mm Warhammer 40K

Unfortunately Emanuele was very ill when he came to us to realise his dream boards, he sadly passed away soon after and donated the boards to his best friend and gaming party as a reminder to his memory. We where very touched and honoured he chose us for this very special project, and we are sure wherever he is, he will look down over on any future games with a big grin of pride.

Our hearts are with his family and friends now and forever. RIP Emanuele, it was a real pleasure talking to you and fulfilling your dream ….

David – Jungle Battleboards 4ft x 4ft 28mm Warhammer 40K terrain

Received the boards today and promptly ripped open the packaging like a child on Christmas Day, wow…I knew it was great when I saw the pictures but the board looks even better in person. I didn’t realise just how large the hills and caves are! This truly is a work of art, I am cheerfully bias, but I think this is the best board you’ve done yet! 🙂

Gavin – UK Sheffield – Tor Gaming Demo Boards 4ft x 4ft 28mm scale own universe

The battleboards have landed!! I think it’s safe to say I AM BLOWN AWAY!!!!!! They are head and shoulders better than any I have ever seen and make the crappy ones I have at the moment look like a child made them!

You truly are a talented man!!!!

Tor-Gaming Demo Battleboards

Andy – Ireland : Desert Boards – Wee Gamers 4ft x 4ft 28mm modern combat terrain (also used for multi purpose club use)

I cannot express my level of impressed. I said to ivor “know how you see a thing and want it, but it’s dear, but you buy it. Then you get it home, and it’s not quite what you had hoped? Well this isn’t one of those occasions, this is better than I expected”

I’m not normally one for getting mushy about Wargames stuff, but these boards look so good I’d marry them! To see a concept go from head to paper to this is fantastic. 1000% happy

Desert Boards

Georges – France : Secret U Boat base – arctic snow boards 8ft x 4ft 28mm Warhammer 40K and Dust Tactics terrain

WAOW !!! Richards !!!!!!!!!!! Richards !!!!!!!!!!! C’EST MAGNIFIQUE !!!!!!!
It’s impressive ! Bravo ! We’re very satisfied !!! Thanks again for your excellent work.

German U-boat-base1

Bart – Belgium : Aztec Fantasy Football Arena

Hello, allow me to curse. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!!!!!! This is a greeeeeeeaaaaaaat stadium!!!!!!! Picture’s don’t do the stadium any justice. You have to see this in real life to really appreciate the quality.

Fantasy Football Arena