August Update – Catch-up

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Greetings, all.

Firstly, I have to say sorry for the lack of updates or activity on the site for the last couple of months. We’ve been going through a very interesting time with all new projects, plans, developments and mishaps, but we’re able to catch you all up with it now.

Moving on to board-related topics, we’ve seen a few projects completed in the time since our last blog, and we’ve taken on some new and exciting ones. We have been working on a terrain for a client who wanted an icy, sci-fi fortress for his Space Wolves army, and so far have come up with a beautiful gothic citadel with the landing pad and massive doors, and plenty of Viking influences in the designs and appearance of the terrain. This project has been quite a labour of love for us here at Battleboards, and we’ll be proud to show off the finished product on the site’s gallery when we are done.

We’ve also been working on a historical set piece; We were commissioned to create a scale replica of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, to be used as part of a display by the Seminary itself. This project has provided us with, a great opportunity to apply our research and attention to detail for our terrain, as we needed to make sure that the look of the landscape and building were as authentic as possible. It has also been a good first opportunity for us to make our first foray into laser-cut materials, something which we are hoping to implement much more incoming projects and designs.

I also wanted to highlight an older project that we finished, but which I feel warrants a little more publicity. A while ago, we were commissioned to make an elaborate set of terrain for a castle by a cliff for Tabletop Workshops, the company who provided the castle bits. We created a full 3d render of the finalised design and then set to work on the project as usual.

The first two Castle boards were finally completed. Here is where it all went a bit of strange. Tabletop Workshops just seemed to disappear. We have no idea what actually happened to them, but contact with them became impossible, and it still is. For all intents and purposes, it seems Tabletop Workshop doesn’t exist anymore. I am really not sure what to tell you about these boards, as they are supposed to part of a set with x4 more boards still to be made, making a total board size of 4ft x 6ft. Unfortunately, this is not going to happen with all contact with the client lost.

The good news is this demo board has been up for sale ever since, and I am hoping that someone would like to continue the boards construction and have their own input into the creation of some more terrain or items to go along with it. I still have a huge castle available as well which I need to figure out what to do with, which I suspect will now be a collectors item, as no more will ever be manufactured (unless someone can tell us at Battleboards otherwise), which is a real shame, as like many others we have really enjoyed working with the parts.

If anyone knows anything about what happened or is happening to the rights, or who manufactured the parts, I would still be very interested in finding out more.

We think the boards look great, and we spent a huge amount of time getting them just how we want them. The wizard’s tower mostly comes apart in tiers, so some access to the interior is possible. We can also make a large flat grassland area to cover the cove which would provide more gaming space and allow a larger castle to be constructed overlooking the sea.


Thanks for reading such a long post