Battlemats Launched

Posted by on Mar 1, 2016 in Latest News / Blog |

We very pleased to announce the launch of our Battlemats range of products. With the first of many design to be added to the shop. The Battlemats are NOW! available and printed for you to order.

The first mat design ‘Urban Desert’ has been specifically designed for urban combat at 28mm scale. It can be used for may different game including Warhammer 40K. All you need to do is just unroll the terrain mat and add your own bindings and scenery for a perfect urban setting.


Each mat design has been physically made and then reproduced as a low cost terrain mat. This enables many players to experience the unique designs we make for the Battleboards custom terrain at a fraction of the price it cost to make a full terrain layout.

As we print to order we can provide many different terrain designs and ideas and also create custom design mats as well.

We are very excited about bring you the opportunity to try our terrain layouts as a flat mat. Admittedly they are not ever going to be as good as a fully sculpted terrain. The custom boards take many month to construct, which limits how many we can physically produce each year. With the printed options we can at last provide more players the opportunity to try are amazing designs at a fraction of the cost it would to make a full terrain layout.


Please get in contact if you would like to see a particular layout or design and we will try our best to add these over time, or if you wanted us to create your own ideas, we would be happy to discuss a custom design project option with you. We will add more details on the custom design process and associated cost very soon.

We hope you like our first design and we are look forward to producing many more in the future.

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