Battleboards FAQ


Q. How much is a custom board project?

A. All terrain and boards are custom made to your specific requirements so prices vary depending on how detailed each project is and what is required. We have added an approximate starting cost below.

£1500 per 2ft x 2ft board. This would cover most things like hills, roads, rivers and some rock work. It also covers ground foliage and small bushes. Custom trees are extra and will depend on how many are needed.

£2500+ per 2ft x 2ft for urban and more complicated structures, like a large cliff, faces up to 2ft high, villages, castles or more modern bunker facilities. We can pretty much make anything, so there’s no limit on what we can make. We can also add special effects and lighting features, like LED or fibre optic lighting, we would like to discuss lighting effects in more detail if you wanted any, as the cost will again depend greatly on your requirements.

You can find out more about our custom building services here… Read More 

Q. How long does it take to make a project?

A. Estimating the production time to make each terrain board is always difficult as each piece is completely unique. It depends greatly on how detailed the terrain is and how long it will take to construct. We would keep you updated on the project’s progress and you are always able to get in contact and check on your project. We also provide an online tracking system which details your project in detail and its full content with an easy-to-follow traffic light system for each process. This way you can see at a glance how your project is progressing. Projects take a lot of time to design and develop so it’s never really too early to start talking about your ideas and develop a design early on. We can then book you into the production schedule and set up the project files ready for the next available production slot.

You can find out more about our custom building services here… Read More 

Q. Do you deliver internationally?

A. Yes; we do. We have successfully shipped projects across the world to the USA, Canada and even Brazil. We are happy to ship Battleboard products to you where ever you reside. Shipping costs will vary depending on where you live. All shipping costs for custom projects are worked out at the end of a project. This is when we can acutely weigh and measure the project prior to shipping.

You can read more about our International Shipping here… Read More 

Q.Why are the boards so expensive?

A.The boards are expensive as they are professionally handmade and manufactured from industrial Polyurethane foam and NOT polystyrene like most boards. The boards are injection moulded into a specialist mould made by our UK manufactures. Each board is carefully packaged into a custom produced cardboard boxes.

The custom projects take months to create as we spend as much time as necessary to make them beautifully detailed using specialist materials. Our boards are professional quality and handcrafted to client’s exact specifications, which includes professional 3D design work for project concepts and custom design work for specialist laser cutting. We also provide addition sculpting and moulding techniques to enable us to cast resin details specifically designed for each project.

QI forgot to add something to my order before I finished it; can I add it to my order?

A. Please notify us by phone or e-mail as soon as possible and we will try and arrange for any additional items to be added to the order.

QHow do I cancel my order?

A. If you decide you do not want the goods you have ordered after you have made payment or received them, please let us know in writing or via e-mail and return the goods to the address shown on this website. Please note that returned goods must be returned to us in their original state (unopened and undamaged) for a refund to be granted.

The value of the goods returned will be refunded to you one working day after we have received the items in their original state. Please note that we are not responsible for the postage incurred if you choose to return goods to us, and nor will we refund any postage costs you paid to have the goods sent to you at the time of placing the order.

QDo you do custom builds?

A: Absolutely! Just e-mail or call us with your requirements and we will undertake any requests. We always do design work for you first so you can see what your board/boards will look like prior to purchasing.

QWho do I contact about a problem with an order?

A: If you have a problem with an order please contact us on 01305 568599 or send us an e-mail at war@battleboardsco.uk and we will do our best to rectify the situation as soon as possible.

QWhat are your processing / delivery schedules?

A: We do have a waiting list of approximately 6 to 12 months, as we are always working on something and each project can take a long time to complete. We can, however, book you into the next available production slot. A booking payment will reserve your production slot and as soon as we are available we can start working on your project. We can provide design and concepts work prior to the scheduled slot, reducing any waiting time. We keep you constantly updated on how other projects are progressing and how you fit into the building programme and schedule. We also provide an online tracking system, which allows you to view a detailed report of the project, outlining and detailing each element, which shows what progress has been made on individual elements.

All of our boards and large accessories are sent through a courier. We can provide you with a link to their website and tracking number so you can check the progress of your order. For international shipping; we use an independent professional International shipping company, who provide a custom wooden crate for the project to be shipped in. This is covered by our own independent insurance company.

General Postage within the UK generally takes up to 1 week. Overseas orders will vary depending on destination, but usually takes between 1-2 weeks.

QWhat should I do if I my order has not arrived?

A: If your order has not been received within 5 working days after receiving your dispatch notification (or 14 working days for orders outside the UK), you should advise us in writing or by email and replacement items will be dispatched. Please note that for small accessories we cannot offer a refund, only replacement items unless you opted for Express shipping.