Custom Terrain Projects

Welcome to Battleboards and an introduction to our custom wargaming terrain.

Battleboards are a custom made miniature terrain landscapes. All our terrain is made using unique baseboards, which is called a Battleboard. We designed the base Battleboard specifically to use as a baseboard for wargaming terrain. It’s the only product of its kind and is used for all our terrain projects. The Battleboards are injection moulded and cast from a very tough industrial polyurethane foam.

We developed and sculpted a Battleboard to have a highly detailed cracked surface theme. Using the Battleboard as a base we make professional quality custom terrain without requiring an alternative material such as a more standard high-density polystyrene which is the prefered and standard material normally used by alternative terrain manufactures.

The boards are approximately 42mm in depth which allowing a 20mm depth of sculpting into the board. Making it possible to create realistic rivers, craters or recessed tracks and roads.

Custom boards starting cost £1500 to £2500 per 2ft x 2ft Battleboard

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Custom Printed Gaming Mats & Tiles

An introduction to our printed wargaming mats.

Battlemats have been designed to replicate the detailed playing surface of fully sculpted custom boards. Each Battlemat has been designed using high-resolution photographic images of physical wargaming terrain and printed on mouse mat style materail. This gives the terrain an amazingly realistic look and remains perfectly flat so it can be rolled up and safely stored in a carrying tube.

We use specialist large-formatted printers and partners to print our gaming mats who are dedicated to producing the best quality mats possible. Each mat is fade and scratch-resistant and made using eco-solvent inks. The can be folded and rolled for easy storage and will not crease. The neoprene mats are highly resilient and impact proof allowing dice rolls to sound almost silent when dice are rolled or thrown across its surface. Neoprine mouse mats are considered the professional choice when considering a playing surface and are used for many international’s and national gaming championships.

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All our mats and tiles can be purchased internationally from our shop.

Custom Printed Backdrops

An introduction to our printed backdrops.

Battleboards backdrops are digitally printed scenic designs, specifically designed for wargaming. The backdrops are printed on high quality fabric which can be easily rolled and stored. Both sides of the fabric can be iron and then hung in place. The low horizon within the designs adds depth and perspective to any game. The backdrops can be placed against the back or sides of your terrain to create an artificial background. This extends the effect of the terrain far beyond its limits of the board making a perfect background for photographing or filming miniatures. The backdrop reduces time spent in photoshop cleaning up images for social media and websites. They help remove all the unsightly elements that may normally be seen. They are great for video blogs, gaming reviews or battle reports giving a professional and exciting look to any location. 

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All our backdrops can be purchased internationally from our shop.