Custom Structures

The sky is the limit when deciding on what structures you need. We can custom make or purchase third party products to enhance your terrain infrastructures.

Creating custom structures such as buildings, bridges, bunkers or obstacles is a challenging task. It all takes a tremendous amount of time to plan out buildings and structures, design them and then finally construct them to a high detailed quality and then have them remain robust enough to withstand vigorous gaming.


How we design building structures 

Designing buildings and structures for gaming and displays is a difficult process. Each building has to be carefully scaled and designed. We start by using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software, typically used for architecture, and in much the same way an architect would design a real building, we also design the miniature building to a 1:1 scale. This ensures that any recreation will be extremely accurate. Once the designs are created we make 3D virtual representations of each building. This allows us to place the structures on a virtual board so we can see the lines of sight for battle and therefore if the height of the building is realistic for play. We can add multiple buildings on the virtual model to represent a village or city. Each virtual building can be moved around the virtual space within the model so you can see which positions would best suit the gaming boards.




Gettyburge Seminary-2



Creating unique parts from existing products 

In this example we combined some of Game Workshop’s Warhammer 40K buildings to make new structures of our own. Note how the destroyed section at the top of the building flows from one side to the other. These pieces have been custom cut to make new and unique pieces that cannot be purchased from GW. It is a subtle technique, but very effective at breaking up the repeating pattern the parts would normally make.

Converting Third Party Parts


The sky is the limit…

With many years of experience we strive to provide the very best in custom made structures. We believe that we have no limit to what we can create. Often other wargaming products can be found and utilised to assist in the creation of these type of structures. We are happy to use tried and tested products from companies such as Games Workshop and rebuild them into new features that are completely unique.

We look at the world with creative eyes and often find unassuming products or recycle plain items and turn them into wargaming master pieces. We cut up and reform model kits and provide specialist laser cutting and joinery for structures that require a more technical approach. We quite literally blend all of our skills together to provide unique solutions for your structural needs.