Custom Trees


We can provide trees and foliage for your terrain boards themed to any season or style.

Tree Manufacture 

Trees and foliage are often important features of any gaming terrain. They not only provide realism and great aesthetic detail but offer a practical solution for troop cover, concealment and provide great tactical advantages.

There are many different type of trees each with varying seasonal colours, heights and scales. We offer a variety of tree types which can be purchase within our shop. Each tree is hand made, photographed and posted up in the shop. No two trees are ever the same so once a tree has been purchased it will be removed from sale.

If you do not see what you want or you have a request, we can make up a tree to your requirements. This does take longer but is well worth the wait. Please get in contact if you require something specific or larger then any of the trees shown.


How Do We Make Trees?

Each tree is specifically hand crafted and made to a very high standard. They are made from natural growing products that have been chosen to provide the most realistic model trees possible. We start by using a dried root from a real plant, this is then carefully pruned to create a perfect miniature tree shape. This ensures each tree is unique. Once we have a basic tree structure we add extra branches and leaves.

Each tree trunk is hand drilled to precession and extra smaller branches and foliage added. This takes a lot of time but ensures every tree looks stunning. Each tree has added paint effects, fungus, ivy, flocking and leaves applied. When finally completed a pin is inserted into the base of the trunk to allow the trees to be fixed or pushed into a Battleboards terrain layout or display board.

Trees can be easily removed and repositioned without leaving a hole or mark in the battleboards, so alternative positions can be explored to create different game play.

If you would like to see what trees we have in stock please visit the shop or click the link below for more details

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Here are a few examples of our trees.

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Jungle Foliage

Jungle foliage is also a popular requirement. We provide a service that will cater for all the players needs and populate terrain boards with a mixture of planting that will add scale and context to any gaming boards. All the trees and foliage are removable making storing the terrain easier and also allows you to reposition items into different positions. Trees and foliage are a great way of making the terrain look completely different. Making a few small tactical changes to the location of planting can influence how a game is played and how the diorama looks. Each tree is provided with a small pin that can be easily pushed into the boards. Larger groups of foliage are joined together on separate bases so repositioning large sections of undergrowth is possible.



Non Indigenous Tree Types

Some trees are just not from this planet or have to be modified to fit into the different, strange and wondrous gaming worlds. Often terrain is made to depict distant planets or designed to show the catastrophic effects from the battles that have been raging upon them. These type of terrain often also require strange or deformed forms of vegetation. We cater for all your needs, so if you have created a world that would not be fit for normal indigenous earth trees, we can custom make something different to suit your needs.

Here is a great example of a strange looking tree we created for a client. These trees have been polluted by the forces of Chaos, as the chaotic forces pumped blood into the very ground they had conquered to change the nature of the herbology of the planting. We created the malformed blood trees, that fitted perfectly into the Chaos tainted urban landscape.

Please contact us if you need an unusual tree or foliage type – Contact Us 

Blood Tree of Chaos