Custom Boards

Custom Terrain Boards

From small skirmish to large-scale historical battlefields, we can custom make any terrain type.


What are Battleboards?

Creating custom terrain boards is our most popular range of gaming products. We specialise in creating hand-crafted highly detailed miniature terrain landscapes which are customed designed for your own specific requirements. We only use industrial materials and have created our own unique polyurethane Battleboard, this forms the baseboard for each terrain project. Battleboards are highly detailed, extremely durable and made from injected moulded polyurethane and unlike a polystyrene board which is soft. Battleboards are extremely reliable and will not dent or mark whilst be played on. The battleboards have been designed specifically for wargaming and are precision made 2ft x 2ft (61cm x 61cm) in size. Each board has a small 5mm recess indented on the reverse side to allow the board to sit flat allowing the board to be supported by its four corners. The underside of each corner has a small rubber grip pad, this helps prevent any movement on a shiny playing surface, and protects the table surface from any scratches or wear and tear.

How much does a custom Battleboard project cost?

All Battleboards are 2ft x 2ft in size, the cost will depend on how many boards you need to make up your desired terrain size and whether there are any specific complex requirements.

As a guide, our prices start as stated below.
£1500 per 2ft x 2ft board. This would cover most things like hills, roads, rivers and small amounts of rock work. It also covers ground foliage and small bushes. Custom trees are extra and will depend on how many are needed. Please see our custom trees page for details.

£2500+ per 2ft x 2ft board for urban or built-up areas and complicated structures, like villages, town, castles or more modern bunker structures and facilities. We can also add special effects and lighting features like LED or fibre optic lighting into a project on request.

We can incorporate third-party kits and products from popular suppliers like GW into a project, these are purchased as extra elements and are charged for at cost price. The construction, painting and integration of any kits into the terrain is included in the overall board price.

How long does a custom project take to make?

Estimating the production time required to make custom terrain boards is always very difficult, as each terrain is completely different and depends greatly on how detailed your design will be. Once the project is underway we will provide you with confidential login details to an online project management tracking software. This will provide full details of your project and outline each element that is required for its construction. This has an easy-to-follow traffic light system for each process. You will be able to see at a glance how the project is progressing. We send you regular updates via email with WIP (Work In Progress) images so you can see and comment on the project as it progresses, you can make any adjustments as we progress with each stage.  Projects take a huge amount of time to design and develop, so it’s never too early to start talking about your ideas and develop a design, ready for us to start the project when a free production slot becomes available.

How we design the ultimate gaming board.

Each custom board is handcrafted to your own specification and we can help you design a board layout using the latest in 3D design and visualisation technology. We help you see what your board will look like even before we start building it. This is a fantastic way for you to see your terrain develop. We take your basic idea and vision for a layout and start to create a digital 3D detailed design. We provide full consultation and design advise as we design the terrain together. More on par with more mainstream miniture movie set, we can guide you through each stage with sketches, renders and smaller physical samples. We also provide full CAD and 3D design work for any specialist manufacturing processes such as custom laser cutting or CNC work.