Introducing a new range of printed products …

We are very pleased to introduce a completely new range of printed wargaming products from Battleboards.

It’s been our mission over the years to provide gamers with a selection of great quality products on which to game on. With the custom Battleboards range being our most popular brand, it was however apparent that storage and cost was a big deciding factor for many gamers when it came to terrain choice. As the custom terrain sets can be expensive and bulky to store, taking up a considerable amount of room when not in use. Players have requested a thinner terrain option which they could play on, but still, have the flexibility the Battleboards custom layouts provided.

It’s taken many years to get the right solution, but we feel we have come up with a range of printed products that will provide the answer. Whether it’s a standard square tiles system or a large rollout terrain of an entire battlefield, the Battleprints provide a great playing surface without the need for lots of storage space and at a fraction of the cost, it would be to develop a full custom project

Battleboards gaming mats have gone Global!

For our international customers, we have been very aware of the rising costs in overseas shipping which have greatly increased the price of any purchase and have been trying to find a way around this. Now we have! We are very pleased to introduce our overseas partners in the USA – ‘Inked Gaming’ and are proud to be working closely with them to deliver our products across the US. This partnership allows our products more accessible to players across the Atlantic. Players in the USA can now benefit from free delivery (on orders above the advertised amount)  and many other offers ‘Inked Gaming’ provide. This partnership has significantly increased our product range, including gaming bags, holdalls and dice trays. It is worth remembering they offer international shipping as well, so if you cannot find what you are looking for on our own site, I am sure they can help whilst we are busy working on the next Battleboards masterpiece.

If you are visiting us from the UK we have also teamed up with ‘Patriot Games’ who supply some of our gaming Battlemats and other Battleboards products. ‘Patriot Games’ also offer a great range of products making them a perfect choice for gaming mats, backdrops and other gaming accessories and provide products to transport all your gaming gear.


For more information on the variety of different Battleprints terrain options, please click on the links below.

Battlemats – These are large gaming mats that can be rolled requiring little storage space. The mats are made from a variety of tough durable materials and each mat can easily be rolled out onto a dining room table. Mats can be custom designed to suit your own battlefield and miniatures. The highly detailed designs are made using existing physical terrain images and printed using high-quality UV stable inks by professional commercial printers.

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Battletiles – These are similar to the large Battlemats only smaller and come in popular tile sizes, i.e 2ft x 2ft, 18” x 18”  tiles. Each tile is digitally cut, perfectly square and can be placed together to form larger gaming areas. Tiles are designed using images of our fantastic physical terrain and made so that they fit together seamlessly. Each tile can be rotated to meet other tiles. Different designs can also be added together to form different layouts.

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Wargaming Backdrops – Backdrops are perfect for adding an extra layer of immersion whilst gaming. The digitally printed backdrops are printed to a very high quality and specifically designed for use with wargaming tables and mats. Backdrops are perfect for photography, allowing you to instantly remove any unsightly background from your armies and miniatures when photographed. The can be easily cut to size and be added to existing display cases or shelf. The backdrops help make professional photographs and images, ready to be posted on social media or your own website.

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