International Shipping

Battleboards has always striven to provide the highest quality of service in wargaming terrain, and that quality extends to its shipping and handling guarantees.

We have experience in shipping to all continents across the globe, with packages covering a range of sizes, and can always ensure an international delivery is handled carefully.

All goods are packaged to the highest standard as a matter of course, to ensure ease of recognition, safety, and travel. We package our terrain in branded standard carry cases and unbranded custom-fitted boxes for items of unique size or complexity. Edge protectors and bubble wrap are used as a standard in all Battleboards terrain packaging, making certain that your product is as safe in transit.

We always keep clients and customers up to date on the status of their purchases via e-mail or phone and are always available to discuss any issues of the purchase, and its shipping and handling.

We make use of both UPS and FedEx as well as a specialist international shipping company, for the fastest guaranteed delivery of shipping, and we share in their confidence of worldwide shipping, making use of all companies’ unparalleled initiative and skill with customs clearance.

We also make use of an independent insurer, providing professional, independent advice, and appropriate levels of cover for a competitive premium. They specialise in the field of cargo insurance, making sure that you always receive optimal reimbursement for any cargo damaged or lost in transit.

With any purchase or order you place with Battleboards, we will always strive to ensure that the transport and delivery of your product will always leave you feeling satisfied with the service provided. Years of experience in this endeavour stand testimony to our commitment to seeing Battleboards terrain reach you.

Specialist Packing and shipping

Battleboards projects are usually large and complicated, we take great care to make sure the projects arrive safe and sound. We use a specialist international shipping company for overseas shipments, this ensures the project arrives at its destination in perfect condition. The project is first packed by us in custom-made cardboard boxes before being delivered to the shipping company. Once there the boxes are placed into a wooden crate which is also custom made to fit each project. The paperwork and shipping are all handled by us, door to door. Every stage is carefully tracked and we can send updates of its location as it tracks across the globe.