Italian Battleboards

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1939 to 1945 or WW2 is a common historical gaming genre for wargaming. With many popular different rule sets and scales to chose from. We recreated this small hill top Italian village for the client who wanted to field 28mm WW2 miniatures from Bolt Action. The client chose the village setting as he wanted to explore street to street fighting which was a common at the time. Although a difficult strategic position to assault, it was however what real troops would of faced in Italy at the time, and have subsequently offer some really interesting and difficult games. We used historical black & White photographs of the time and tried to recreate the surrounding as accurately as possible, and still allow the terrain to be modular and so the boards can be switched around into different position to create different settings.

Client comment..

Jack – WW2 Bolt Action Italian boards 4ft x 4ft 28mm scale terrain 

Battleboards does amazing work! This board is just amazing, and the level of updates and videos and photos and input that I got every step of the way make you feel like a real part of the process. For your dream battleboard, you cannot get any better than having Rich build it for you, and I can guarantee that it will come out way better than anything you can originally imagine you will get! It is worth every penny spent and I am absolutely ecstatic with everything that Rich has done. I cannot recommend his services enough for anyone looking for their dream board.

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Concept Through to Fruition 

We were really pleased that Jack was thrilled with the overall layout design and construction. When you compare the original basic virtual 3D design with the final board construction, you can see we were very close to the concept. The concept was an important part of the process, as we needed to check pinch points and line of sight for miniatures to make sure adequate cover was given to advancing forces. It also provided the sizes the buildings needed to be made.


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Custom Made Buildings 

The Italian terrain boards were very complicated to make and took several month to complete. All the buildings were custom made and allowed each section to be removed to gain access to all the interiors of the buildings. Some of the higher buildings were also magnetically connected to allow the buildings in the upper court yard to be removed. This allowed the boards to be stored more easily. We also made the bridges removable so the boards can be switch around and used in alternative layouts or setups.


Filming Our Progress

We filmed our progress throughout the contraction phase to keep Jack updated with our progress so he  could give us feedback. They were also great tutorials for players who could follow our progress as we completed each section.

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