Ork Crash Site – Finished Crash Site Boards

Posted by on Jan 11, 2016 in Latest News / Blog | 2 comments

We have just completed the first two boards for the 40K terrain Ork Crash Site boards.

We are really pleased with the boards. They are very complicated to create and form the centre piece for the 6ft x 4ft table.

We have made each board as flexible as possible as each board can be rotated into a different position. This allows for a great use of terrain and the boards can be set up in many different ways to create different terrain objective or scenarios. We have also made some of the pieces magnetically attached or removable. This makes removable pieces more stable in game play and removable to allow to be used else where. In particular the tower can be removed and used as a separate piece or scatter terrain.

Final-Boards-A&B-13 Final-Boards-A&B-2 Final-Boards-A&B-3 Final-Boards-A&B-4 Final-Boards-A&B-5 Final-Boards-A&B-6 Final-Boards-A&B-7 Final-Boards-A&B-8