Wargaming Backdrops

Digitally printed backdrops to enhance your displays and game playing


What are Battleboard backdrops?

Battleboards backdrops are digitally printed scenic designs, specifically designed for wargaming. The backdrops are printed on high quality fabric which can be easily rolled and stored. Both sides of the fabric can be iron and then hung in place. The low horizon within the designs adds depth and perspective to any game. The backdrops can be placed against the back or sides of your terrain to create an artificial background. This extends the effect of the terrain far beyond its limits of the board making a perfect background for photographing or filming miniatures. The backdrop reduces time spent in photoshop cleaning up images for social media and websites. They removing all the unsightly elements that may normally be seen. They are great for video blogs, gaming reviews or battle reports giving a professional and exciting look any location. 




The backdrops are specifically designed for miniature wargaming with a low horizon so miniatures feel and look like they are within the location of the battle. Each backdrop has been digitally mastered to a very high level of detail. The images are created using real photos and techniques normally incorporated for main stream movie scenes or digital matt paintings.


How do you use a Battleboards backdrop? 

You can use a backdrops in many different ways. You can easily trim a fabric backdrop to fit into a cabernet or display shelf. The backdrops are also designed to be fitted against a wall. 




Once the backdrop is in place you can take photographs of the terrain that provide a professional look and finish. This can save hours of work minimising unsightly or unwanted details that later need removing in Photoshop. Below are examples of what can be achieved using one of our backdrops.




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